Website is your online identity

It’s a place, where is your target group going to feel good, gain trust and connect with you.


In the beginning we talk about Your ideas, put it into a context including my experience, thereupon we set our goal. Let's write it down and I start creating.


It's my turn then to do what I can. Also to make some changes based on Your wishes and fulfil our goal. I basically put into it my knoweledge, experience and heart.


It's time to launch it. So next:
- I get a new hosting (data storage) and a domain (,
- overwrite content on Your current site,
- give You source files and a database.

How much? Not much



Website creation (regular price)

Only 5000 CZK

domain and hosting

1000 CZK per year

Ads set on GOOGLE

1000 CZK one-off after consultation

You basically want me to do everything?

Simply, we can make it for 8 000 CZK or less. Well something really huge could be up to 10 000 CZK.

exchange rate

For your reference exchange rate is approx. 1000 CZK = 38 €